5 Simple Ways to Declutter

I believe minimalism looks different to each individual person. An easy way to kickstart though is by decluttering some items from your home. Just five small steps to help clear your space up a bit. These can be used as some general rules around the house as well. Maybe one of these steps will spark some momentum to help you clear out a different section of your house that I don't mention. Whatever it may be, I hope these are helpful to you in some way. 




Are your kitchen cabinets filled with gadgets that do this and that. Maybe you have a popcorn maker that you bought that one time for that one party and used probably only that one time. Maybe you have a crockpot that you haven't used in ages. Maybe you have a fondue pot that you received as a gift and it's still in the box. Whatever gadgets you have, you may have too many of them. 

If your cabinets are filled with gadgets, take them all out. Look at them each individually and ask yourself a few questions. 

- Have I used this in the last year?

- Does this still work?

- Does this have all the pieces?

- Will I actually use this in the near future?

If your answer to all of those questions is NO, then get rid of it. Give it to a friend that you think would actually get some use from it or donate it to the thrift store. If it is in good condition, you could also try selling it and to make some extra cash. 




Do you have 5 wooden spoons in your kitchen? Do you have two hand mixers? Maybe 3 teapots? 20 pens? 

Think about places in your home that seem to accumulate clutter. Your cup full of pens. Go through and see if they still write. If not, toss them. If they are still good, maybe keep a few and give the rest away. Do you really need all 20 of those pens you got for free at that one convention? 

Go through your kitchen utensils. If you have multiples of the same item that do the same thing, why not get rid of all but one of them. If you really use a couple of them though, go ahead and keep both of them. We all have our favorites though, so if you have those few items that seem to get overlooked each time, it's probably time to let them go. 




This one can seem really hard for some people. Maybe you’ve tried to clean out your closet before but then you thought “oh wait well I'm keeping this for when I lose 10 pounds”. Or “well, I may wear this when I start exercising”. Whatever excuse you are telling yourself, if it doesn't fit right now, then get rid of it. If immediately getting rid of some clothes though seems too daunting. You could pull out the clothes that don't fit and put them in a box. If you don't reach for any of those clothes after a month, then go ahead and take that box to the thrift store. 

There is no need to keep clothes that don't fit. They make us feel uncomfortable and make us continue thinking there is something we need to change about ourselves. Let go of them and just keep the clothes that make you feel confident because they fit you well and you look good in them. This will also save you time getting ready in the morning because you already know what you look good in and you won’t need to try on those clothes that you’ve been saving for when you “look better”. 



Have you ever wondered what the heck that cord goes to? You try it on all your electronic devices and nada. No luck. It seems to have no home. Maybe you got rid of the device it went to, or the device broke. But you forgot to send the cord with it. Well, no need to hold onto it any longer. Go ahead and get rid of it. Take them to the thrift store. You never know, someone else may be looking for that exact cord. 




Do you have a stack of books on the ground that you thought you would read but never got to. Or maybe you bought a book thinking you'd like to add it to your collection but ended up not liking it too much. You don't really want to hold onto it anymore and you know you will never read it again. Well, let go. Get a box and take them to the thrift store. No need in hanging onto them if they don't make you happy. 


I try to keep items around my home that are either useful and have a purpose or are meaningful to me. If it doesn’t bring you joy, then you don’t need it cluttering up your life. I find myself much more relaxed in a clear space with less stuff.  


These are just five small and simple ways you can declutter your home to clear it out some and make your space feel more relaxing. What are your favorite ways to declutter? Comment or share below with some of your ideas!