5 Low Waste Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As Mother's Day quickly approaches, we start to think about what to get our mothers to show them just how much we love them. They do so much for us and are much smarter than we ever give them credit for. I know personally, I probably don't tell my mum just how much I love and appreciate her. The older I grow, the more I realize just how right she was about so many things. 

Gifting doesn't have to mean wasteful though. Many times, we find ourselves caught up in this idea that our gift has to either 1. cost a lot of money, which depending on where we are in our lives, we may not have much of, and 2. something that creates waste along with it. I believe there are many gifts that are low waste and that can still be meaningful to our mums. 

Depending on what your mum loves, hopefully one or more of these ideas will inspire a special gift for your mum. 


Often buying flowers is associated with a wasteful amount of plastic. If you buy a bouquet at the flower shop or even the supermarket, then they are most likely wrapped in plastic and come with a small plastic wrapped packet of flower food. If you order a bouquet in a vase at the flower shop, then it most likely comes with a little plastic pick for the card and may have a plastic bow around it. We probably don't even notice those things until they're pointed out to us. These items just seem to go in hand with flowers, but they don't have to. 

Instead, why not grab a recycled glass jar from your pantry or from the thrift store and pick some wildflowers. You can create your own bouquet. This is the perfect season for wildflowers. As I have driven around town, I see fields of wildflowers all around me and I just absolutely love them!

Don't want to pick wildflowers, you could always go to the flower shop or supermarket and hand pick your flowers. You are able to buy single stems of multiple different flowers. You can then place them in an old recycled vase or jar or even wrap them in some recycled newspaper. 

Does your mum love plants?? You could go to the local plant shop and buy her a plant, make her a terrarium, or even propagate from one of your own plants! Place the propagation in a recycled glass jar and let it grow. Before you know it, your mum will have her very own plant just like yours! 



Is your mum a coffee or tea drinker? Instead of buying a bag of coffee or a box of tea that is wrapped in plastic and most likely cannot be recycled, grab a recycled glass jar and take it to your local shop. You could get her a couple of jars of loose leaf tea in a glass jar that she can repurpose or do the same with coffee. Instead of wondering what to do with that coffee bag that is lined with plastic, see if your local coffee shop will fill up a glass jar with coffee beans or even ground coffee for your mum. You can always tie some twine or recycled string around the jar for decoration and maybe even stick a wildflower on it for some extra love. 



Any of your mums a fan of essential oils and all the powers that they contain. Maybe you know your mum could use a relaxation blend, one to help her wind down and sleep at night, or for headaches throughout the day. Whatever it may be, I am sure you could find a blend of essential oils that will help your mum through her day. Add the required essential oils and mix up in a roller ball glass tube or in a small spray mist jar. 


Maybe your mum loves to cook or she likes to but may not have the most time.  There are some great mason jar recipes that I have seen on Pinterest and around the internet or check out the GoodForStore for pre-made recipes in a jar. But you can easily find a recycled jar and fill it with the dry ingredients for baked goods, soup, or pasta with seasoning. Make sure to include directions with how to make and what wet ingredients to add to create the meal or snack! 


This may be my favorite one! I love writing letters and believe they are so meaningful. This one could be argued against zero waste, but if your mum is anything like mine, she keeps letters forever. Instead of buying $10 card at the store with a prewritten note, why not make one yourself. You can easily find paper that is not lined or mixed with plastic and that will be compostable when it's life comes to an end. Or you can even check out these awesome plantable cards at PackageFree. These cards are printed on 100% biodegradable seed paper that when planted will grow wildflowers. The inside of the card is left blank so that you can fill it with all the kind loving words you want for your mum. 


Above are just a few great ideas for your mum for Mother's Day that I believe can help reduce waste that generally comes with holidays. Waste free doesn't mean that you have to stop gifting those you love. If you have some other great Mother's Day gift ideas, comment below to share your ideas with others!