4 Zero Waste Travel Essentials

Many times when I travel by plane, I am already crammed for space in my bag. So, it is hard to carry every zero waste item I have with me. If I had endless space and my bag didn't already weigh too much, then maybe I could carry more with me, but I feel like these four items have helped in reducing so much waste. 


I have a Baggu bag that folds up really small and came with its' own little bag for easy storage and transfer. It weighs almost nothing and has saved me so many times while out and about on the town. Whether it's for shopping, left overs, or anything else you would need a bag for, this can be used instead of needing a single use plastic bag. 

I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned how he began bringing his own bags to the grocery store. At first he was reluctant because he thought people might look at him. But then he thought to himself, "so what, they think I care about the environment, is that a bad thing?" 

I definitely understand where he was coming from though. It is daunting to be different sometimes because people look at you. But honestly, they're more likely just intrigued and wishing they had thought of that too. So rock on and embrace it!!


I feel like this one should go without saying, but definitely a reusable water bottle. This not only saves so much plastic from the consumption of bottled water, but also saves you so much money. 

I bring my water bottle empty to the airport. After going through security, I find a water fountain and fill it up for the flight. This prevents the need to buy a bottle of water as well prevents the need for a drink from the snack cart on the plane. You can carry your water bottle with you throughout your trip. You never know when you might need a drink during your long day or come across a restaurant that only serves out of disposable cups. You'll be prepared and can fill your bottle up at the restaurant for free. 


A cotton napkin can be used for so many things!!!

- Napkin

- Hankie

- Food container: Furoshiki style

Those are just my top three uses, but I'm sure you all are so creative and have a million other ideas. Obviously don't use your napkin to hold food after you've used it as a tissue, but you get the point. And maybe it's just me, but I tend to spill more often than I should and find myself reaching for my napkin in my bag constantly. 


I count this as one item because I keep them all in a small carrying case together. Honestly though, I feel as if I am coming across more and more restaurants that give out plastic ware instead of real silverware. It actually blows my mind sometimes. However, with your reusable cutlery, you will be prepared each time!

Also this may be one of the cheapest and maybe even no cost switches for you. Seriously, just grab some cutlery out of your drawer in the kitchen, wrap it up in some fabric or in a to-go pouch if you have one and you are all set. There is no need to go buy more silverware. 

Disclaimer: Be careful with bringing knives if you are flying. A friend of mine had her butterknife taken from her by airport security as a possible weapon.... 


These are just some of the zero waste items I reach for the most when traveling. If you have other zero waste travel favorites, share below! I wold love to hear which items you use the most.