Hi! My name is Anmei Kirkes and this is my zero waste adventure.

Maybe it’s cliché, but it all started with a documentary.

I was watching A Plastic Ocean on Netflix, when I realized how much our world was suffering from the trash that we’re producing. It doesn’t just disappear when it leaves our homes, but it ends up piling in landfills, streets and oceans. I knew that I had to do something. I began researching and came across this community of people and this lifestyle that has since changed my life.

Zero waste is more than just a few changes and swaps here and there. It is a lifestyle change and has a community of people willing and wanting to help and grow together. I learned about the great zero waste movements that Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer have been making and wanted to start living a lifestyle that matched my beliefs.

You can’t expect to change overnight, and trust me, I still fail everyday. But, this adventure has already taught me and grown me so much, and I want to share that knowledge with all of you.